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Drummer, Percussionist, Music Director and Founder of Pachanga Records, Jeff JJ Lisk is versed in many genres of music as a producer and a performer. He has performed throughout the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico, with artists including Maddrum Sonando, Betty Everett, Lurrie Bell, Johnny Desmond, Graham Guest, Boogie Patrol, Tawl Paul, the Jan Garber Orchestra, Billy Joe Green, CC & High Ryder, Chantal Marie and the Road Band / l’Onde Sonore and Steve Arvey.
JJ began Pachanga Records in 1998 to produce and record musical artists deserving wider recognition. The first project began with singer and legend Tawl Paul from Carbondale, Illinois USA releasing “Watching that Train" and "Tawl Tales".

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Tawl Paul Frederick was born in Chicago and resides just a stone's throw from St. Louis, in the Southern Illinois town of Carbondale. Since the early '80s, Paul has graced the Southern Illinois and Northern Missouri music scene performing with various bands, including Slappin' Henry Blue. Paul knows how to deliver a song to an audience with conviction and integrity. He really believes what he is singing. His stage presence and deep husky vocals make him the most prominent and unique voice in the area. Tawl Paul is a good-hearted modest man who tends to shy away from his legendary status - others know better. This CD places Tawl Paul in a variety of Blues settings and features members of Slappin' Henry Blue, Maddrum Soiiando, and the Mr. Blues Band.


Chantal Marie began her musical career in Quebec City in 1982, performing in several popular cafes and bistros. Her popularity in the community has stemmed from her interpretation of Francophone music, having a unique style of picking on the guitar that perfectly complements her voice. She creates a rich and harmonious sound by playing her Martin six and twelve-string guitars. She has always had a great appreciation for these excellent instruments. While living in Quebec City, she continued to immerse herself in the sonic universe of Francophone music, thus expanding her repertoire.

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